November 7th, 8th, 9th 2014

At the Marriott
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What We Are About

A word, a thought and an idea. For over 5 years, TeslaCon has been an event, an adventure or, even more so, a destination; one that many have taken and continue to take to this day.

TeslaCon is, at its core, an immersion event. What this means is that, besides the wonderful panels, talented entertainers and fantastic dealers’ rooms, attendees fully experience the story and time period throughout the convention over the three days they are attending.


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Book your rooms as soon as possible, we expect these hotels to sell out as well. We have sold out every year, so don’t expect this to be any different. ALWAYS call the local hotel numbers first. Make sure to say you are part of TESLACON for any of these hotels!

The Madison Marriott West
Sold Out

All hotels are in minutes of the main hotel, and two can be walked from in under 3 minutes. We want to emphasize that two hotels offer a full breakfast as well as the reduced room rate. The Main Marriott will also offer concierge pick-up for those who do need transportation, to and from the hotels. Please REMEMBER to tell the person who is making your reservations you are with TESLCON 5 to receive your discounted room rate.

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Comfort Suites
$89 per night

The Comfort Suites are located directly behind the Main hotel and takes about one and a half minutes to walk from to the main hotel. There hotel offers a full breakfast with your room price and complimentary Happy Hour Cocktails (Monday-Thursday) 5-7PM 3 free cocktails (Friday and Saturday) 1 free Cocktail then buy one get one free!
*Shuttle service is available by request.

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Holiday Inn Madison West
$94 per night

This is a very family friendly hotel with a water park inside!
It also has a very Victorian design in the lobby. Only 55 seconds (driving) to the main hotel.
*Shuttle service is available by request.

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Fairfield Inn & Suites
$94 - $104 per night

The Fairfield is located in front of the main hotel across a parking lot. They will also have shuttles going to the main hotel as well. There is also a McDonalds directly next to the hotel as well as Denny’s and a Starbucks Coffee. For breakfast you may choose from Jimmy Dean Hot sandwiches, omelet pitas and fresh as you make them waffles.
  *Shuttle service is available by request.

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Hilton Garden Inn Madison West/Middleton
$94 - $104 per night

There are a few different types of rooms available here.

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Telsacon Full schedule

Schedule is now available

Programming and Panels

TeslaCon is thrilled to present another fine group of panels, workshops and talks all based upon the worlds of Steampunk and Victoriana. We do ask that you allow the presenter(s) time to remove any items and allow the next presenter(s) to set up. If a speaker wishes to continue talking, please take the conversation outside of the designated room.

The entire schedule can be right at your fingertips! That’s right…it is available as an app. We ask that you download it, if possible, and use it during the convention. Times and panel listings will be posted at each room and there will be a large listing of panels and descriptions at the con on display. A pocket program with only times, panels and speakers will be available.

We are trying to do our part and reduce paper waste and cost of tickets. By helping us with printing costs and usage, we can make TeslaCon a more environmentally conscience event. Thank You.


TeslaCon is excited to have the following entertainers at this year’s event. We once again play host to the 1st Brigade Ban and the award-winning Dublin O’Shea Celtic Band. Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with the artists. Many will have CD’s available for purchase at their engagements.


Unwoman is a cellist-singer-songwriter featured at Steampunk conventions and other major events all over the US, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2013 she received the Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Award for Best Solo Musician. She has produced and published nine full albums. Unwoman has also collaborated with Abney Park, Amanda Palmer, Rasputina, Voltaire, Stripmall Architecture, and many other acts. In 2014 she announced a new dark noisepop collaboration with Matt Fanale (Caustic) called Beauty Queen Autopsy, currently kickstarting their full-length debut.

The Sons of Temperance

The 19th Century sound of ringing banjos, clacking bones, rythmic bass and the jolly tamboreen playing somber murder balads, jaunty minstrel tunes, celtic drinking songs. All served up in a little brown jug. The Sons of Temperance are Fancey Ben on Bass, Doc Parker on Banjo and Sy Libby Clacking the Bones.

The Gin Rebellion

The Gin Rebellion is the musical collective formed by the dapper dandies H.M. and Renfield, joined by Ophelia Baptista, performing music in a manner never before heard in this century or any other. They draw their inspiration from Vaudeville, early American folk, musical theater, and various regions of Eastern Europe. H.M. brings a trained musical background to the group, studying music since childhood and offering dark, humorous, or romantic narratives in lyric. Renfield is the most varied in instrumental prowess, switching from guitar to banjo, mandolin to accordion in a truly Weill manner. Ophelia Baptista brings deeply meaningful and complex narratives that are as universally relatable as they are beautifully written. This diversity of style and background brings forth a cultural and stylistic mix that melds into our veritable assault of melodic noise designed to soothe and salve even the most savage of souls.

1st Brigade Band

In 1864 eighteen men from the Brodhead Band, Brodhead, Wisconsin, enlisted in the Union Army as the Band of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 15th Army Corps. They left their rural Wisconsin homes to march with General William T. Sherman in the campaigns of Northern Georgia and the Carolinas. Quickly becoming one of Sherman's favorite musical organizations, he later were referred to them as "the model band" for his entire army. Their duty culminated at the Grand Review in Washington D.C. where they were the only band (out of hundreds participating) that was cited in the newspapers for "neatness of dress, excellence in military bearing and the fine music discoursed". The tradition of excellence that these men created, more than 130 years ago, lives on today as the mem- bers of Wisconsin's 1st Brigade Band, now located in Watertown, Wisconsin, MAKE HISTORY LIVE. The current Band breathes life into history by presenting authentic music performed on antique instruments. Attired in period uniforms and gowns, the Band's musicians, color guard and vivandieres take their audiences back to the 1860's, to that turbulent era known as the Civil War. A nostalgic portrayal of the atmosphere of days long gone by is generated by a unique form of showmanship that blends the sights and sounds of the period with historical accounts, anecdotes, tales and legends.


Vourteque is one of America's quickly rising stars in the electro swing and neo-vaudeville communities. Musician, producer, remix artist, DJ, carny and ringmaster - Vourteque entertains and wows crowd from Los Angeles to New York. He's one of the mind behind Chicago's Rouge! electro swing night, a Do312 nightlife awards nominated monthly that's featured guests such as Good Co., Lord Justice and Dutty Moonshine. Vourteque's sound can best be described as a cross behind the more house and disco influenced European style of electro swing but injected with a good dose of good ol' American industrial, techno and gothic blues. His single, Whiskey Drinker, has gotten acclaim and plays throughout the internet, and his first release, The Swing Mechanical, still sells robustly two years out and can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and more. He's played for a wide variety of promoters and shows, from The Steampunk Ball in Tampa and The Anachronism in New York to being a favorite dj at Detroit's Theatre Bizarre show three years in a row now. He's been described as one of the best steampunk and electro swing DJs in the United States and has never left a crowd feeling let down. He's currently working on a full length album featuring collaborations with Professor Elemental, Sabrina Chap, Carey Rayburn of Good Co, Joe Harbinson and Alex Johns of Ford Theatre Reunion and, of course, Mr. Automatic whom he frequently performs and produces with.

Special Events

Below is a listing of special events at TeslaCon 5 “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” All storyline and expanded/immersion events are listed along with “The Great Grink” and Dinosaur performances. Please keep in mind that some spaces have limited seating. We will try to make it so as many people have a chance to see the following performances as possible.

We advise reaching the performance area early. Photography is allowed, though we ask that you pre-sign up if you plan to video anything, cell phone video is not permitted during the performance. Video cameras must remain on the peripheral and maintain quiet during the performance. Thank you.


TeslaCon is looking for dependable, quick thinking and energetic fans who wish to volunteer this year.
Please contact Katherine Gonzales Thompson with interest or questions at

Teslacon Menu

Below are the TeslaCon 5 Special Dinner and Cog & Cup Café menus. For the diner on the go, we have also listed food items to be found at Jurassic Joe’s Coffee shop. Please read over the Special dinner menus carefully. We will have a vegetarian option available. There are a limited number of seats; once they are gone that’s it. We will be unable to add seating at the event.

Colors for TeslaCon 5

Want to be even more involved in the story? Do you wish to have coordinated outfits for specific times at the event? For you convenience, below is the PDF you may download to suggest color usage during the convention. Please understand these are for reference only and do not need to be utilized if you already have your costume complete.

Download Colors


Offering a wide array of unique Steampunk designs, bobbles and bits to tempt and tantalize your senses in not one but two dealers’ rooms that will help make your weekend even more memorable, we proudly present the TeslaCon 5 Dealers! The two dealers’ rooms are located in the Main Hall and the Couture Room for dress designers, which is located across from the Maker’s Room near the front of the hotel. If you’ve ever wanted an item you saw the year before only to be disappointed the dealer didn’t bring it back, fear not! Many vendors can pre-order items for delivery to you at the convention. Simply by clicking on the dealer you wish to order from, you will be linked to their website. With Christmas closely following TeslaCon, it’s a great way to get your holiday shopping done early without fighting the malls.


  • 1313 John Q Hammons Drive, Middleton, WI


  • November 7, 9:90 AM - November 9, 1:30 PM