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We have two vendor rooms, two maker rooms, two photography studio rooms, and areas around the hotel for other vendor tables.

Vendor Hours

Thursday: 4pm-7pm

Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: 10am-3pm

Altered History-Abby Manalli-Vendor Lead

Airship Solio Zephyr Emporium
Archimedes Azure Creations LLC
The Artifixer
As They Sew in France
Bard & Broad
Black Bird Finery
Blonde Swan
By Gaslight
Copperhead Metallurgy
Cranberry Leopard Emporium
DD Designs
Damsel in this Dress
Dark Rain Design
DaVinci Scientifica Steampunk
Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire
Doctor Gus

2019 Vendors

Dryad Tea
Everyday Steampunk
The Fairy Godmother Sisters
Fame & Fortune Leather
Geisha Moth
Gina Griffith- Special Event Vendor
Green Chicks Studio
Harlan's Emporium of the Curious and the Bizarre
Highwind Steamworks
Iron Rose
Oh, Jessa!
Junque In Thy Truck
KMK Designs
K&R Mercantile
Kepis & Dreamcatchers
Kyla’s Keepsakes
Le Loup Garou

Mike Gosda Models
Phoenix Art Feathers
Rathburn's Den of Antiquities
Rogue Maille
Scoundrelle's Keep
She Arts With Feathers
Starshine Plush
Sweet Steam
Swirls & Twirls Body Art
Talenshi Illustration & Design
TeslaCon Store
Time Traveler Outfitters
Unleash The Goddess
D. Lieber
Ladies in Scarlet
Rosswyvern Press

Front Hall Info Tables
StoneRow - The Card Game



TeslaCon Store
Terri Gower

Convention Tables
13 Gears

Cogs and Corsets

Geneva Steam
Michigan Steam Expo
Steampunk Symposium

Are you interested in vending?

We are fully booked for 2019 with a waiting list. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when we launch vendor applications for the following year. We will post the vendor applications here on our website for you to print, fill out, and mail back for consideration. We prefer to receive physical copies for management reasons. In the event that we are looking to replace a spot and we are short on time, we will allow you to send your application electronically.

A note to our vendors for this 2019 year:

The Vendor Lead this year is Abbey Manalli. We have a private vendors group on Facebook so we can keep up-to-date information prior and during the convention. Please contact us or message our private Facebook page inbox to receive entry.