Thursday Preliminary Schedule

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Thursday, November 14th

1:30PM-3:00PM • Pullman Car 1
No Schedule


1:30PM-3:00PM • Pullman Car 2
No Schedule

1:30PM-3:00PM • Pullman Car 3
No Schedule

1:30PM-3:00PM • Lecture
Writing a Murder Mystery 
Love murder/detective stories? Want to know what goes into writing one? Perhaps you're interested in writing one and want to know where to start. Come discuss the process with urban fantasy (and detective noir) author D. Lieber.

1:30PM-3:00PM • Maker Room
DYI Events –A discussion on how and where to do crafty events for steampunks) also introduction to all maker panels for the weekend
Mary Prince

1:30PM-3:00PM • Pullman Car 4
Historical Swordplay
The gentlemen’s guide to the art of the sword. A discussion and demonstration of Edwardian and Victorian fencing. A dueling demonstration of epee and foil competition.
The Airship Iron Rose


3:00PM-4:30PM • Pullman Car 1
An Introduction to Steam Power
Lamenting that you missed the Age of Steam? Fear not! Steam power is still all around us, providing heat and power around the world for utilities, transportation, and recreation. If you’re curious about steam or looking for that extra little dash of realism for your next story, come and learn about the history and operation of boilers, steam engines, and turbines, as well as the past and present of steam power.
Chris Sandberg


3:00PM-4:30PM • Pullman Car 2
Butlers: Most Indispensible for Adventure and Teatime 
How could one live without a butler! Join Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter as we discuss both real and fictional butlers and how they serve their respective masters with aplomb and dignity.


3:00PM-4:30PM • Pullman Car 3
Weird Christmas-How the Victorians viewed the Holiday
Strange customs and even more bizarre Christmas cards are just the tip of the iceberg.
HRH Hastings II


3:00PM-4:30PM • Lecture
No Schedule


3:00PM-6:00PM • Maker Room
International Milliner
Informal thrifted hat decorating workshop. Trims, and tools provided. Selection of $3 hats available.
Mary Prince


4:30-6:00PM • Pullman Car 1
The History of STEAM!
STEAM: as Steampunks we love it, but do we really know what it is, why it's useful, and what cool stuff has been done with it? We will learn about types of steam; how it can kill and destroy; interesting uses; how to go fast; and why carrots don't cook in Denver. Whether you're an author, maker, or simply want a better understanding of our core element, this is the panel for you!
Herkimer Hoodlum B.S. M.S. P.E.


4:30-6:00PM • Pullman Car 2
Around the World in Under 80 Days!
On Thursday, November 14th, 1889 (our Thursday in TeslaCon time--), sensational reporter Nellie Bly was dispatched to circle the globe and beat the time of Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg. BUT—so was Elizabeth Bisland, another young woman writer, who went westward on the same challenge. Who were they? What did they see in their largely non-stop 24,800+ miles? Did they both succeed? And what happened afterward? 
Georgie Schnobrich


4:30-6:00PM • Pullman Car 3
TeslaCon: Creating the Story for You!
HRH Hastings II takes you through ten years of stories, fun and “almosts” and explains why his imagination is usually above the budget of the convention. Or what it could have been like, if we had the 10 million dollar budget.


4:30-6:00PM • Lecture
Sneakeasy Lockpick Village (and Dueling)
Want to learn how to pick a lock? Want to stay OUT of jail? Stop by during our lock picking workshop; we'll be running a short class every 10 minutes, with practice gear available so you can plan along.
Matt Domko & Michelle Domko

4:30-6:00PM • Maker Room
International Milliner
Informal thrifted hat decorating workshop. Trims, and tools provided. Selection of $3 hats available.
Mary Prince


6:00PM-7:30PM • Pullman Car 1

No Schedule


6:00PM-7:30PM • Pullman Car 2

Making beautiful animated lights for costumes and props

Learn how to program LEDs for industrial and organic looks in props and costumes. Learn about LED types, controllers, and animated color control techniques.

Hollis Lumen Lovelace


6:00PM-7:30PM • Pullman Car 3

No Schedule


6:00PM-7:30PM • Lecture

No Schedule


6:00PM-7:30PM • Maker Room

No Schedule                                                                                


6:00PM-7:30PM • Pullman 4

Crane Festival Dinner Begins

7:30PM -9:00PM • Pullman Car 1

The Art of Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich was a Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist, philosopher, and public figure heavily influenced by the esotericism. A man of many talents he was a notable artist who was heavily influenced by travels through Central Asia and Tibet.

April Lionheart

Elliott James


7:30PM -9:00PM • Pullman Car 2

Guilty by Gaslamp - Detectives and Criminals of the Steam Era

Find out about the era's real and fictional vexing cases and the detectives who tried to solve them. If you love reading and watching mysteries, you won't want to miss this chance to build your must-check-out list!

Phoebe Darqueling


7:30PM -9:00PM • Pullman Car 3

Doc Phineas
Meet the man, the one and only. Allow him to introduce himself and tell you about himself to a whole new region of fans. Get to know this legendary Steampunk ambassador of fun.


7:30PM -9:00PM • Lecture

Welcome to TeslaCon
HRH Hastings II and others introduce you to TeslaCon and answer questions for you before the weekend starts.


7:30PM -9:00PM • Maker Room

“Wisconsin Steampunk” Brainstorming Session

For people to learn about activities they will see at TeslaCon and can do at home or with a group.

Mary Prince


7:30PM -9:00PM • Pullman 4


9:00PM-11:00PM • Pullman Car 1

The Great Game: Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Central Asia

The Russian Expansion into Central Asia was a direct threat to the British Empire's holdings in India. How the British responded and carried out a clandestine campaign against this expansion. Why places like Afghanistan and the Central Asian States became places of strategic in the age of Imperial expansion.

Dr. St. John Cholmondeley-Featherstonhaugh


9:00PM-11:00PM • Pullman Car 2

Ghosts of the Railroad

If there is going to be a murder on the train, the ghosts most certainly will follow. Hauntings occurs after violence and tragedy, and trains are no exception to this rule. There are many strange things that have been witnessed late at night, in the middle of nowhere, on the railroad. Come hear some of these haunting stories.

Ghost Host Lisa


9:00PM-11:00PM • Pullman Car 3

Mystery, Madness, Mayhem & Murder: Cocktails on the Orient Express (18+)

The History of Famous Cocktails drunk by even more famous people who drank on the Orient Express.

Baba Teddy

Lady Kate Henriott


9:00PM-11:00PM • Lecture

Yass Queen: The Philosophical, Linguistic, and Historical Impact of Queer Identities in Victorian Etiquette

Join Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter as they host a Salon to discuss how Queer Literary Icons such as Oscar Wilde and Emily Dickinson shaped and were shaped by the Victorian era and provide us insight into the Queer Experience of the time.

Madame Askew

Grand Arbiter


9:00PM-11:00PM • Maker Room

DYI Events

Mary Prince


(Admission stamp must be purchased at registration)