Welcome to the Tea Room!

Join us for tea and conversations. For an additional cost of $15.00 cash at the Registration table, you can purchase a Tea Room pass good for the entire weekend. Let our tea staff serve you!

Tea Room Hours

Thursday: TBA

Friday: TBA

Saturday: TBA

Sunday: TBA

Note: There may be an upcharge on premium teas. Biscuits/cookies vary from year to year.

About the Tea Room

The Tea Room is an integral part of the TeslaCon experience for conversations and a great place to make new friends. 

For 2020 TeslaCon 11, the tea room experience will change once again in location. The Atrium will be used to take advantage of the open space and natural-light. Experience the NEW tea room and all the spendor London has to offer!

Tickets may be purchased at Registrationat any time for the cost of $15 per person and allows you unlimited tea time visits during TeslaCon 10. Please indicate to the Tea Room staff if you have any food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate them!