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Welcome to the Tea Room!

Escape the crowds for a moment, and join us for tea and conversations. For an additional cost of $20.00 cash at the Registration table, you can purchase a Tea Room pass good for the entire weekend. Let the Tea Lady and her staff serve you!

Tea Room Hours

Thursday: 3-6pm

Friday: 11-6pm

Saturday: 10-6pm

Sunday: 10-1pm

Note: There may be an upcharge on premium teas. Biscuits/cookies vary from year to year.

About the Tea Room

The Tea Room is an integral part of the TeslaCon experience for conversations and a great place to make new friends. 


For this 10th Year Anniversary, the tea room experience will be a completely different experience due to the renovation of the Marriott West and this year's theme of "Murder on the Orient Express". Other than being in a new location, the Tea Room will include a special immersive element to convey the experience of riding by train. Also new for this year: cotton candy clouds with your tea. As organizer Eric Larson explains: "This is a new "thing" this year. It will be limited, but I think it will be fun-- at least in concept! It's TESLACON. We strive to be innovative. Plus it goes really well with the theme."

Tickets may be purchased at Registrationat any time for the cost of $20 per person and allows you unlimited tea time visits during TeslaCon 10. Please indicate if you have any food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate them!