Last Updated: 11.10.18

TeslaCon runs on the same basic premise as other conventions: panels, parties, special guests, and one or two main events. What makes TeslaCon unique is our immersive factor the moment you walk in. This 2019 year, you will be a passenger on the famous Orient Express from Manchuria back to France (alternate storyline). There are sound effects and visual sites all throughout the convention.


Panels, debates, classes and seminars will fill the weekend from Thursday until Sunday afternoon. We also have special presentations that are free but with limited seating. Have your photograph taken a hundred different ways in our photography booth. Perhaps you want to relax after several seminars and decide some tea with biscuits is appropriate – you can do that by spending time in our Tea Room. In the evening, there are larger events such as Lord Bobbins’ full traditional Ball on Saturday night complete with dance instructions.


For those of you who yearn for more, we have an interactive murder mystery that takes place along with several opportunities to experience true immersion throughout the weekend. We also encourage parties and room activities after 9PM for people to enjoy.