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Saturday, November 16th

9:00AM-10:00AM • Pullman Car 2

Ladies Steampunk Self Defense

Instruction in methods of self defense for ladies, use of "innocent items" (to be found to hand) as weapons, discussion of appropriately Steampunk and Victorian era weapons, how to use your male escort as a meat shield. How to avoid prosecution in the Victorian era. Physical exertion and sweating may be involved. Not for the faint of heart.
Dayon Stormhawk


9:00AM-10:00AM • Maker Room

Oriental Stab-Bound Ledger Book

Make a hand-bound book perfect for keeping track of your weekend on the Orient Express. Your kit will include: exotic paper covers, text pages, waxed linen, coins or beads and origami paper for decorating the cover.

Carol (Lady Fontayne Pen-ship, Steamstress) Thomas


9:00AM-11:30AM • Pullman Car 4

Newtonian Teacup Derby “PREP TIME”
Tables and chairs provided, you bring the elbow grease and ideas. Create, make, tune-up and design your Derby vehicle.
Anita Peterson


10:00AM -11:30AM • Pullman Car 1

TeslaCon Orient Express: A Travel Guide

Welcome to your Travel Guide to all of our fabulous stops on the TeslaCon Orient Express! Come join us for everything you need to know (and some that you don’t) about Peking, Atyrau, Kiev, Budapest, Salzburg, the Swiss Alps, Paris, and our favorite, London!

Kathryn & Stephen Poe


10:00AM -11:30AM • Pullman Car 2

Ladies Steampunk Self Defense Continues…


10:00AM -11:30AM • Pullman Car 3

Escape from the Orient Express

You are trapped on the Orient Express with your fellow passengers. You must solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to leave the train. This escape room style game uses a Breakout EDU kit is based on Agatha Christie's novel Murder on the Orient Express. Bring your thinking cap!

Sarah Wendorf



9:45AM -11:30AM • Lecture 2

Simple Puppets For The Kid In All Of Us

Can a plain sock become your new best friend? Using simple craft items and your own amazing ingenuity, you can make a delightful and fantastical creature. Put your own steampunk twist on the classic sock puppet or forge new identities for a wooden spoon or paintbrush.

Dabbler Puppets


10:00AM -11:30AM • Maker Room

Make A Leather Steampunk Eyepatch
A make & take leather workshop. Participants will make a riveted leather eyepatch that they can bling up, stamp, color, or just rivet it together. Instruction, materials, and tools will be provided. Workshop fee is $15, conchos are $5 each.

RJ Lundgren


10:00AM -11:30AM • Pullman Car 4

Newtonian Teacup Derby “PREP TIME” Continues…

11:30AM -12:30PM • Pullman Car 1

A Tale of the (Very) Deep South

The race for the South Pole was a contest not only among nations but between old and new technologies. In 1911-12, Norway’s Roald Amundsen and Britain’s R. Falcon Scott raced to claim the last place on earth unconquered by humankind. It was a pursuit that would lead one to victory and the other to tragedy. Author and historian Joy Reed likens their story to an Edwardian-era Grail Quest: a saga of courage, folly, and human suffering that also represents the final chapter of the Age of Steam.

Joy Reed


11:30AM -12:30PM • Pullman Car 2

The Father of the Orient Express

In 1870 George Nagelmackers offered the Belgian government to develop sleeper carriages for the European market. He called his proposal "Project for the installation of sleeping cars on the railways of the Continent." However, the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War delayed the granting of this authorization from the Belgian government and the establishment of the first sleeper carriage service. It took over him over a decade to launch his company. Come to learn the historical life and legend of the Father of the Orient Express.

Hugo Sterling



11:30AM -12:30 PM • Pullman Car 3

Toasim & Confucianism
An examination of the Chinese religion, Toasism, and philosophy philosophy of Confucianism have dominated China for 2,500. What are they, how have they shaped China, and what influence have they had on the western mystery tradition from the 19th century.

Sèitheach Macgregor, GSRA



11:30AM -12:30 PM • Lecture 2

Doc Phineas and the Paranormal Travels of a Steampunk
Listen as “Doc” spins his yarns from around the globe and fills the rooms with mystery and chills.


11:30AM -1:00 PM • Maker Room

Using 2-part Platinum cure Silicone to color, coat and texture soft polyurethane foam. 2-part Platinum silicone has no odor, and is available from distributors, sculpture and FX stores. Platinum Silicone needs to be thickened for some techniques.

Tom McLaughlin

(Note: This is a ticketed event. You may purchase tickets in advance at


12:30PM -1:30PM • Pullman Car 1

Building a Steampunk Musical Instrument

Join Mitch Thompson and Gina Lorenz in showing you how, even with minimal tools and experience, to build your own playable musical instruments that you can Steampunk the heck out of.
Mitch Thompson / Gina Lorenz


12:30PM -1:30PM • Pullman Car 2

Fashion to Die From
What we wore was often deadly! Jeanine W. and Georgie S. will tell the horrifying history of arsenic green dyes, white led and cinnabar cosmetics, mercury mad hatters, tragic flaming ballerinas, the lure of Extreme Fashion, and the workers who perished to make us chic, and more.
Georgie Schnobrich / Janine Wardale


12:30PM -1:30PM • Pullman Car 3
The History of Krampus- Followed by the Krampus Parade, then followed by the Krampus Wurst Lunch



12:30PM -1:30PM • Lecture 2

Travel Accessories with Blackbird Finery

Jason R. Merrill of Blackbird Finery shows various items used by sophisticated travelers in the 1880s.



12:30PM -1:30PM • Maker Room

Panel continues until 3PM with Tom McLaughlin

(Note: This is a ticketed event. You may purchase tickets in advance at


12:30PM -1:30PM • Pullman Car 4

No Schedule

1:30PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 1

No Schedule


1:30PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 2

No Schedule



2:00PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 3

Welcome to TeslaCon Panel


1:30PM -3:00PM • Lecture 2

“Where is Steampunk going?”

Guest Panel- With Airship Ambassador leading the discussion.
Bring your lunch, sit and listen to those who travel and see the world of steam.
The Airship Ambassador / Doc Phineas / Montague Jacques Fromage / James Neathery / David Lee


1:30PM -3:00PM • Maker Room

Metallic, Antiqued and Distressed Silicone Finishes

A variety of finishes and materials will be used to make silicone coated foam look SteamPunk. Techniques and finishes are also applicable to molded and cast silicone.

Tom McLaughlin

(Note: This is a ticketed event. You may purchase tickets in advance at This panel is directly after the SILICONE COATED FOAM 102 WORKSHOP)


2:00PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Dance Instruction for the Ball

Join Vardo with Dancemaster Jason Ottman / Practice for Witches Dance at 3:45pm

3:00PM -4:30PM • Pullman Car 1

Our Corsets, Ourselves

Are you uncomfortable in your corset? Are you unsure about shape, material, lacings, and style? Those days are over! As requested, this lecture will reprise last year's presentation 'You Can't Crush Your Enemies If Your Corset Is Crushing You' with even greater focus on navigating the various styles and shapes of corsets to choose the one that will be best for your figure. There will also be a bit of historical myth busting, as well as tips and tricks for wearing your corset with comfort and panache!
Sarah Faltese


3:00PM -4:30PM • Pullman Car 2

James Neathery of Metal & Leather Crafting

James talks about how he creates items  as  a maker, using the basics for steampunks!


3:00PM -4:30PM • Pullman Car 3

19th Century Nationalism

The 19th century European political map was constantly being redrawn. One of the forces behind these changes was a rising tide of nationalism in which various groups of people sought countries to call their own. This struggle for sovereignty and territory is a major cause of the first World War.

Cassie Beyer


3:00PM -4:30PM • Lecture

Iron Taxonomist
Join in the fun and absurd Steampunk folly of creating story about items you have never seen before! A great way to sit, laugh and create. Hosted by Anita Peterson.


3:00PM -4:30PM • Maker Room

Carve your own passport stamp

You will design and carve your own seal (stamp). Your kit includes carving tools and ink pad; as a bonus, you may quickly hand sew a small fabric pouch for transporting your stamp and ink.
Carol Thomas


3:00PM -4:30PM • Pullman Car 4
Practice for Witches Dance at 3:45pm

4:30PM -6:00PM • Pullman Car 1

The People of TeslaCon, part 2

Come see more images from previous years of TeslaCon. We covered the first 4 or 5 years last year - now come see the rest.
Nora Mai / Bruce Mai


4:30PM -6:00PM • Pullman Car 2

Unwrapping the Victorian Lady and Disrobing the Victorian Gent
Join Madame Askew, the Grand Arbiter, and their handsome valets as they demystify and defrock the Victorian lady and gentleman. Take this saucy guided tour through the many layers of frocks, frills, and foibles as they unveil the undergarments hiding under that buttoned up Victorian exterior.
Madame Askew / The Grand Arbiter


4:30PM -6:00PM • Pullman Car 3

David Lee Panel


4:30PM -6:00PM • Lecture 2

Winter Emergency Survival

Methods of survival in conditions of extreme cold. Will include methods of making pre prepped items that would increase the chances of survival.
Dayon Stormhawk


4:30PM -6:00PM • Maker Room

The Art of Iris Folding

Iris Folding involves creasing multiple strips of colored paper to form a specific design. The designs' center is reminiscent of the iris diaphragm found in a camera lens.
Barbara Stadtler


4:30PM -6:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Imperial Dinner setup


Wedding of Earl Grey and Lady Pearl


6:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Imperial Dinner with HRH Hastings III


9:00PM • Maker Room

Tom McLaughlin Portfolio reviews


11:00PM -12:30AM • Pullman Car 2

Forbidden Images…Und ya!
Admiral & Frau Krieger take you into the forbidden world of shocking photos. +18 panel.


11:00PM -12:30AM • Pullman Car 3

Magic Invocation

Have in the two previous years covered Magical Evocation and Enochian Magic, the next practical demonstration will cover the art of magical Invocation. How does this differ from Evocation, how and why you would employ this technique.

Sèitheach Macgregor, GSRA

Elliott James and ORCA

7:30PM • Pullman Car 4 / State Car

Villains Ball

Frau Perchta “hexen” / Witches Dance at Intermission