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Panel Applications Are Now Available!

I want to personally thank you for wanting to be part of our 10th year at TeslaCon. This particular year is very special to me, as we celebrate being the longest running Steampunk Convention in the United States, and now one of the oldest in the world! 


We want to find people who are passionate and love this genre, but who are also artistic, creative, fun and above all like to speak about those passions to others. We need people who have knowledge of: Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Neo-Victorianism, Victoriana, Costuming, Specialty Sewing, Maker Arts and Crafts, Real and Imagined History, etc. Preference will be given to presentations that relate to our theme "Murder on the Orient Express." This could include panels on Agatha Christie, British thrillers, Victorian Detective stories, etc. and also panels/information on the countries we will be stopping in during the trip.


Most panels are scheduled to be 90 minutes in length with 15 minutes at the end to set up the next panel; gaming sessions and makers workshops may require more time. If your panel requires more time, please let us know at the bottom of the form. The section "Additional Information" is where you should leave such information and/or special requests. 


Please fill out one form for each presentation being proposed, and limit the number of presenters to a maximum of four people. The deadline to be considered in the first wave of reviews is May 15th, 2019.


Eric Larson aka Lord Bobbins