First time onboard?

To start off, welcome to your first journey with TeslaCon! We want to be as inclusive as possible to all of our guest and this especially extends to our newcomers. Our close-knit community came together to provide a helpful guide of "need-to-know" information to make the most out of your upcoming new experience!

You may purchase weekend passes until Thursday during the Convention. Daily passes are also available with rates varying by day. New for TeslaCon11, family and group discount rates!

Saturday evening is designated the formal ball complete with a special event and live music.

The venue hotel books up fast within a day or two from launch. There are several nearby hotels that do participate in the TeslaCon discount rate so hop on over to the Hotel page!

We encourage dressing up (steampunk, fantasy, formalwear, etc.) for the weekend, but this is not mandatory. Hit up a thrift store for starters, browse our Dealers Rooms to add!

Children 5 years and under get in free. Children between the age 6 and 12 receive a weekend discounted rate. Most panels are family-friendly with the exception of those for a mature audience (disclaimer will be noted).

TeslaCon strives to be an immersive convention. We have an interactive timeline in the About section of our website to help bring you up to speed for what has happened and what will happen this year.

Registration accepts cash only. There are 2 ATMs in the hotel, but we advise guest to venture out Saturday/Sunday when the ATMs onsite become empty!

Schedules and large maps are posted  around the convention areas. Panel rooms will have a list of events occurring in that room on the door.

Make new friends at the Tea Room by joining a table. Enjoy live music by fellow patrons, and let the Tea Lady and her staff serve you!

Friday evening is the Opening Ceremony, Sunday afternoon is the Closing Ceremony. Attend these for both the immersive storyline and general convention news.

We're planning on a casual meetup for newcomers on Thursday the 14th. Details to be announced, but they will be posted here and on social media!

We've got a semi-official Discord channel and the invite link is here for anyone who wants to chat before or during TeslaCon:

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