Sunday Preliminary Schedule

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Sunday, November 17th


10:00AM -11:00AM • Pullman Car 1

The Art of TeslaCon 2
10 years of art and design. A look back at all of the signage and décor that has made this convention.
HRH Hastings II


10:00AM -11:00AM • Pullman Car 2

The Curious Lore of Precious Stones

Join us for legends and myths about stones and gems, precious & semi-precious. From those on the late Queen’s jewels to the rings on your fingers.

Kathryn & Stephen Poe



10:00AM -11:00AM • Pullman Car 3

Steampunk in the Classroom

See how Teachers and Librarians are incorporating STEAM and steampunk into your future's education!  This session will include examples of how we are currently incorporating, how you can incorporate or promote into your local schools, and a share session on ideas in promoting Steampunk in your local schools.

Bethany Davis


10:00AM -11:00AM • Lecture 2

Official Beard & Mustache Competition

Exhibit your facial hair for fun and prizes. Categories to include: Best Groomed, Most Elaborate, Best Poirot, and Best Faux. Sponsored by The BrassGears Adventurers Society.

BrassGears Adventure Society


9:00AM -11:00AM • Maker Room


Silicone “PAINT” is made by adding silicone-safe pigments to liquid silicone rubber.

The difference between colored silicone and silicone paint is the amount of pigment used. Silicone paint has a higher concentration of pigment. Painting with silicone is different than with acrylic out oil paint, and all will be explained. Sample swatches on foam and siliconized paper will be made using a variety of methods including brush, stipple, wash and sponge techniques.

Tom McLaughlin

(Note: This is a ticketed event. You may purchase tickets in advance at


10:00AM -12:30PM • Pullman Car 4

The Promethean Society’s 9th Annual Fair of Mad Science Plus Suitcase Competition

EVERYONE should visit, and most should enter! Show off your Steampunk creativity.


9:30AM -12:00PM • State Car

Tea Derby Racers and Splendid Tea Pot Racing…At its finest!


10:00AM -11:00AM • TEA ROOM
Vardo Meet & Greet

Vardo the Band will be in the Tea room for an hour to meet and greet- Buy your CD’s there!

11:00AM -12:00PM • Pullman Car 1

China and the Western Imagination
The changing views of China and Japan in western imagination. How the interactions with two powers influenced western culture and society. From Charles Dickens, Gilbert and Sullivan, Sax Romer and even Michael Crichton interaction with the orient has shaped our view these powers: lands of imagination and opportunity.
Dr. St. John Cholmondeley-Featherstonhaugh

11:00AM -12:00PM • Pullman Car 2
Teslation  II
Telling Stories from his 'Teslation' series, author Baba Teddy (Ted Jauw) introduces his second installment in the serial. Using true stories, paranormal places, myths, legends, cryptozoology and real people from history, the author weaves a tale that time travels from a place near TeslaCon and ends up at the Columbia Exposition of 1893 in a climactic Aeroship Battle over Tesla's 'City of Light'. The second novel begins in a place named after James Madison and who knows where or how it will end...
Baba Teddy


11:00AM -12:00PM • Pullman Car 3

Going to War on the Rails

Throughout the 19th & 20th cent, many nations saw new ways of using the rail roads. It allowed for technological changes in adding armor and weapons. This panel will focus on how armored trains were used in the period of the 1880s-1920s.
Rory James Silverstein


11:00AM -12:00PM • Lecture
Cast and Story Update…Immersion


11:00AM -12:00PM • Maker Room
Thrifters Show and Tell

Thrifting your Steampunk Costume: Show and Tell

Audience participation time! This is your opportunity to describe how you turned thrifted ‘finds’ into steampunk treasure. During this panel we will have ‘Swap Tables’ where you can bring things you don’t need and take someone else’s unused objects.
Mary Prince

12:00PM -1:30PM • Pullman Car 1

A Project for Annoying the Enemy

The potential of undersea warships was always understood but it was during the 19th Century that submersibles came of age. This is the development of submarine warfare and the pioneers that risked everything in the silent world.

Zebulon Vitruvius Pike


12:00PM -1:30PM • Pullman Car 2

Beginning Pattern Manipulation and Draft Patterns
Ever had an amazing idea for a costume but can't seem to find a seeing pattern that works? Have a passion for historically accurate attire but looking at an old Godey's Lady's Book for patterns is just confusing? This panel will help flesh out your understanding of these things to build confidence in yourself to begin projects you've only dreamed about.


12:00PM -1:30PM • Pullman Car 3

Victorian medicine - a revolution in science

Have a cough? Try some morphine. Looking for a gift for that special someone? How about a gold syringe? Have you read the morning paper – some quack says diseases are caused by tiny beasts called germs! The Victorian era was one of rapid scientific change in many areas of western society. Germ theory, and the advent of antiseptic technique forever changed the practice of medicine.

As a Nurse Practitioner I find it fascinating to study where we have been and compare it to the standards of today. This presentation will go into the history of Victorian medicine and discuss some of the more peculiar practices of the past.
Virginia Rady



12:00PM -1:30PM • Lecture

The Mystical Order of the Aethernaught Brotherhood a session with the Steampunk Pope
New member "Wings" ceremony, presentation about MOAB with Q&A session. Learn more about the Order and their mission, what "Reddere in Ante" means, and maybe even become a part of the world-wide organization.
The Steampunk Pope, His Radiance, Brother Barnabas Brass-Boilerplate
The Steampunk Papal Envoy, Viscount Eastman Wesley Archardt III

12:00PM -1:30PM • Maker Room

Tea Dueling-Thru evil compliments!
The simple art of destroying one’s enemy with tea and biscuits!

3:00PM -4:30PM • Pullman Car 1

Tom McLaughlin

An informal setting where Tom will talk about his life creating and making creatures and efx for film and television. Everyone is invited. This is where you ask questions about The Dark Crystal and Star Wars!

1:30PM • State Car