Friday Preliminary Schedule

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Friday, November 15th

10:00AM-11:30AM • Pullman Car 1

Century of the Beard

The Nineteenth Century was a renaissance of facial adornment and experimentation. Never before or since has the beard been such an exquisite and varied presentation of unabashed masculinity. Herein, find but a poor sampling of the magnificence that was the Beard Movement.

Zebulon Vitruvius Pike


10:00AM-11:30AM • Pullman Car 2

TeslaCon: The Art of the Convention

Join HRH Hastings II as he takes you through the ten years that made TeslaCon-with the art that was created for each adventure.


10:00AM-11:30AM • Pullman Car 3

Sundering The Film Industry

What does it take to take a film from concept to screen? Join me as I recount the story and trials of creating "Sundering the World Gate". You will also get an exclusive first look at some of the early movie footage that was filmed over the summer.

Don Vort


10:00AM-11:30AM • Lecture

Montague Jacques Fromage

Meet one of Steampunk’s International men. This panel will have Montague talking about the Steampunk scene in Europe, what’s happening, why and what we can expect here in North America (in a few years).

Montague Jacques Fromage



10:00AM-11:30AM • Maker Room

The Leather Gear Medallion Workshop

If you've ever wanted to learn some simple leather working skills, this is your workshop! A basic leather working make-and-take workshop, stamping and decorating a 2.5" leather gear. A variety of stamp designs to choose from, markers to decorate with, all materials and tools will be provided plus instruction. Workshop fee $5 per person.

11:30AM -1:00PM • Pullman Car 1

The Victorian Wedding

Learn about how weddings were designed before and after Victoria. See how many Wedding Traditions began by our late Queen.
Kathryn Poe


11:30AM -1:00PM • Pullman Car 2

The Mad Science of Soda Fountains: 1889

Hear how druggists trying to make their liquid medicines go down better invented a billion dollar industry. While the image most people equate with a 'soda fountain' is the 1940's and 50's versions, that ignores almost 100 years of truly Mad Science.

Jason R. Merrill

11:30AM -1:00PM • Pullman Car 3

What is the Aether?
The luminiferous aether is nearly ubiquitous in steampunk but what is it really? How did the 19th Century understand this mysterious and magical material? How do we know that it doesn’t actually exist? Why can we go ahead and ignore that anyway when writing?

Zebulon Vitruvius Pike


11:30AM -1:00PM • Lecture

Clockwork Companions

A guide to design and build simple animatronic creatures utilizing the arduino platform and hobby grade materials.

T/Sgt Claudius Van Der Graffe


11:30AM -1:00PM • Maker Room                                                                                       

Brooch creation: A Taste of Dragon-scale
Make a brooch with dragon scale chain mailing techniques. I will demonstrate the technique and then walk amongst the group to assist as needed. Included will be all supplies necessary- a pin, dragon scales, rings and various adornments such as feathers, charms or ribbons to make sure this brooch is a perfect representation of your personality! $5 fee to cover cost of supplies.
Kitty MacGriegher


11:30AM -1:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Historical Swordplay

The gentlemen’s guide to the art of the sword. A discussion and demonstration of Edwardian and Victorian fencing. A dueling demonstration of epee and foil competition.

The Airship Iron Rose

1:00PM -2:00PM • Pullman Car 1

Fu Manchu, Sax Rohmer, and The Yellow Peril

In Fu Manchu, author Sax Rohmer created one of the most enduring and influential literary villains, which spawned emulations in print, film, and comics. This presentation examines the racist origins of the character, his portrayal in cinema, and the vast influence the figure of Fu Manchu has had on the pulps, science fiction, and adventure writing.

Gregory Rihn


1:00PM -2:00PM • Pullman Car 3

View It in 3D: 19th Century Style

3D photographs originated in the 19th century. Learn how these stereoscopic photographs were taken and how they became the first visual mass media. See some of these early images in digital format and discover some great resources.

Sarah Wendorf


1:00PM -2:30PM • Lecture

Tesalation 1


1:00PM -2:00PM • Maker Room

Hand Sewn Passport Pouch

Sew a small, reversible fabric pouch to keep your passport handy; may be worn on your belt or around your neck. Your kit includes everything you need. Experience not necessary.

Carol (Lady Fontayne Pen-ship, Steamstress) Thomas


1:00PM -2:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Hastings Hasty Crown Game
Join the king in a fun romp of food, crowns and hysterical laughter in a game of absolute silliness.

2:00PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 1

The Silk Road of Our Ancestors
Why have we found silks in Viking graves?  The Silk Road existed long before the late HRM Queen Victoria & the British Empire.  Come hear how trinkets, baubles, silk, spices and ideas journeyed much further and wider than we ever believed possible.

Stephen Poe



2:00PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 2

The Wars of South East Asia 1839-1905

The Wars of South East Asia have shaped our modern world. China has neither forgotten nor forgiven the "Unequal Treaties." Japan when from a Feudal, Medieval States to defeating one of the Western Powers in a generation. France laid the foundations of the Vietnam War.

Dr. St. John Cholmondeley-Featherstonhaugh


2:00PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 3

Doc Phineas


2:00PM -3:00PM • Lecture

No Schedule


2:00PM -3:00PM • Maker Room 

Native American Finger Weaving
In this class you will learn simple finger weaving techniques of the woodland native Americans. You will make a narrow strip that will be great for a hat band, purse strap or outfit accent. Materials will be provided but you may bring your own yarn if desired.

Lady Nichole McLaughlin


2:00PM -3:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Steampunk Nerf Gun Duels Contest

Eduardo Miguel Questell

3:00PM -4:00PM • Pullman Car 1

Insects and Oddities of Victorian Fashion

From Arsenic green dresses, to jewelry made of hair, insects embroidered into fabric, and taxidermy bird hats, the Victorians knew how to stand out. Join me in a presentation on odd Victorian fashion, specifically focused on the oddities of macabre trends in clothing and accessories.

Jamie Butler

Danielle McKinney


3:00PM -4:00PM • Pullman Car 2

Would You Rather Read: Steampunk Edition

Using a Q+A format based on the Would You Rather books, participants will learn about steampunk books for children and young adults through a series of book talks.

Sarah Wendorf


3:00PM -4:00PM • Pullman Car 3

Great Women of China’s Past

Georgie S. will present two Empresses, a famous poet/scholar, three wives who were commentators on a classic opera, a martial arts hero, an early scientist, and the most successful pirate ever!

Georgie Schnobrich


2:30PM -4:00PM • Lecture

A Courtesy of Compliments: Compliment Dueling
Whether it’s compliments at 50 paces, courtesies at dawn, or gallantry until first blush, Compliment Dueling has settled matters of honor, averted terrible strife and resulted in a few famous engagements. Join The Grand Arbiter and Madame Askew as they teach the ancient, honorable art of compliment dueling and host a small Compliment Dueling tourney, officially sanctioned by The Order of the Most Glorious Confederation of Compliment Duelists.
Madame Askew / The Grand Arbiter


3:00PM -4:00PM • Maker Room

Papercrafting & Collage
Get crafty with the designers at Starshine Plush. Come explore our collection of vintage magazines, retro ads, and recycled ephemera to create your very own pocket art. Calling cards, post cards, even a page for your passport, explore your own creativity with cut and paste. All supplies, materials and guidance are provided free of charge. All ages are welcome.

Starshine Plush


3:00PM -4:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Welcome to TeslaCon

4:00PM -5:00PM • Pullman Car 1

The Lady of Lausanne: And Yet She Persists...
In these history filled true stories we trace the persistence of the Goddess over a 50,000 year history as she takes on different guises and names all the way to the 1890's when she appears as the Fata Viridi or 'The Queen of Green Faeries' that brought us Absinthe. From the Venus of Lausanne, through Isis Auset, to Aisatta, the sainted Notre Dame and more, she has and always will always be 'la Grande Dame du Lac' or 'The Lady of the Lake'.
Lady Kate Henriott / Baba Teddy


4:00PM -5:00PM • Pullman Car 2

A History of The Orient Express

There have been several train lines that proudly bore the moniker of 'The Orient Express.' Learn about the history of transcontinental train travel, the innovations that made it possible, and how it has captured the imaginations of travelers and writers.

Phoebe Darqueling


4:00PM -5:00PM • Pullman Car 3

History and Technology of Airships
Dirigibles are a fixture of steampunk literature but what does it really take for them to fly and how did a century of technological development get them there? From the Montgolfier Brothers to Ferdinand von Zeppelin, from Ben Franklin’s airship commandos to luxury liners of the sky, from triumph to tragedy.

Zebulon Vitruvius Pike



4:00PM -5:00PM • Lecture

Notable Recent Steampunk
Steampunk reviewer Gregory Rihn (Steampunk Chronicle, Steampunk Journal), author and game designer Bill Bodden (Check out his blog at , and Tracy Benton, avid devourer of books, fan writer, and costumer, talk about recent books, comics, video and film Steampunks might want to know about.
Gregory Rihn / Bil Bodden / Tracy Benton


4:00PM -5:00PM • Maker Room

Meet the Tea Scouts

Please join Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter, two of the founders of the Tea Scouts, to learn about this charming organization and to review the fun events and adventures that have occurred since the inception of the Tea Scouts. Discover what it means to be a Tea Scout and become one yourself! Sip Salute!
Madame Askew / The Grand Arbiter



4:00PM -5:00PM • Pullman Car 4

Closed for Dinner Setup

5:00PM -6:00PM • Pullman Car 1

David Lee


5:00PM -7:00PM • Pullman Car 2

Talismanic Magic
Talismans and amulets have been employed in magic since antiquity. How did Victorian and Edwardian magic approach this subject? How has the Talismanic magic developed in the last 100 years?

Sèitheach Macgregor, GSRA / Elliot James


5:00PM -6:00PM • Pullman Car 3

Victorian Spiritualism

Author and historian Joy Reed explores the origins of Victorian Spiritualism, traces its major trends, and demonstrate tricks of the trade used by fraudulent mediums during Spiritualism's heyday.

Joy Reed


5:00PM -6:00PM • Lecture 2

LGBTQ+ Steampunk Mixer
Join us for a queer-friendly Steampunk mixer!  Come play board games, make leather pronoun patches, or just mingle and chat with your fellow LGBTQ+ Steampunks and allies!  All are welcome!

Nix Johnston


5:00PM -7:00PM • Maker Room


Using 1-part Silicone Caulking to color, coat and texture soft polyurethane foam.

Silicone Caulking comes as a thick trowel-able paste and smells of vinegar.

It can be found at most paint and hardware stores.

Silicone Caulking needs to be thinned with a solvent for some techniques.

Tom McLaughlin

(Note: This is a ticketed event. You may purchase tickets in advance at


5:00PM-6:00 • Pullman Car 4

Closed for Dinner Setup

6:00PM -7:00PM • Pullman Car 1

Creating Virtual Reality & Virtual Tours: Travelling at TeslaCon

In this maker session, participants will learn how to create a virtual tour. Take 360 degree photos with the Cardboard Camera app. These pictures can then be used in Google Tour Creator to create a virtual tour complete with hotspots of information or sound bytes. (Google Tour Creator does require the use of a computer to create)
Sarah Wendorf


6:00PM -7:30PM • Pullman Car 4
Friday Dinner


9:00PM -10:00PM • Pullman Car 2


10:30PM • Pullman Car 1

A Hermetic Ritual of Travel
Hermes was the god of travel, communication and magic. This example of Victorian ritual combines all three aspect and demonstrates how they are combined.

The Order of the Ruby Ankh



10:00PM -11:30PM • Pullman Car 3

The Aurora Airship presents: Va-Va-Victorian!
The crew from the Airship Aurora has drawn in acts from around our community to showcase in this new, exciting extravaganza! This cabaret will feature many different styles of acts that were common in Victorian Burlesque, and could have steampunk spins on them. Between our excellent performers, we will let you know what was common for the Victorian time, and how the burlesque scene evolved. Strict 18 plus show, you must show IDs!
Dorian Bae


10:00PM • Lecture 2

James Neathery Comedy

7:30PM -12:00PM • State Car

Opening Ceremonies

Costume Contest, Muff & Capelette Competition, and Fashion Show Runway

Dublin O’Shea