Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is TeslaCon?

TeslaCon is the only immersion-themed Steampunk convention in North America. The city of Madison, Wisconsin plays host every year to this event that has a long line of sister conventions preceding it.

More information about TeslaCon can be found on our About page.

How much does it cost?

See ticket prices are on our Tickets & Hotel page. TeslaCon has a very simple pricing system where it includes the programming (panels, ball, evening concerts, opening & closing ceremonies). The only extra cost is the Tea Room, special multi-course dinners/buffet, and any special classes in the makers room that require supplies. Some private parties not directly affiliated with our convention (and therefore not held responsible) may charge cover to help offset costs.

Do you accept volunteers?

We always need help, and TeslaCon does not run on good intentions alone. We would be very helpless without our volunteers, and so we would like to offer admission passes in exchange for your time and effort. Please contact us or read about our volunteer opportunities!

How old do you have to be to attend TeslaCon?

TeslaCon is open to all ages: everyone is invited, and the average age of a guest is about 32 years old.

All attendees are asked to show proof of age when they register, and if you are under 13 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian attending the convention with you. Because there will be parties and celebrations during the weekend, we will enforce a strict 21 and over policy for all party goers. This is to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun time during the weekend.

What kind of atmosphere should I expect?

Based on our history, expect most participants to be cordial, soft spoken, and very polite. Men hold doors open for women, everyone says “Please” and “Thank you.” When you have something to say, everyone takes the time to listen. At least 98% of attendees come in period dress of some kind or another depending on their particular fandom. You will find the staff very courteous and helpful and by just asking somebody a question, you will see that social graces are back in style. There will be more adult programming at night, but well over 95% of the panels presented are for all ages.

What is your policy on weapons?

Read about our weapons policy here.

Who runs TeslaCon?

Lord Bobbins is the creator and ongoing magician who runs and keeps the aether going. TeslaCon is also managed by Vector Art House LLC.

Do you offer one day passes? What comes with the admission passes?

Yes, we will sell them at Registration during the convention however the weekend passes will give you the better deal! When you check in, you will receive your passport which gets you into everything for one price with the exception of the Tea Room, exclusive social gatherings (like tea time with author Gail Carriger), the three special dinners (Wurst Dinner Ever! buffet, Bobbins and Swarm multi-course dinners) and any Makers classes that require supplies.

I'm unable to make the Con, do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we don't accept refunds for any ticket purchases, but we do allow reselling. Please contact us on Facebook at via private message or email us at to let us know who the new ticketholder is. The new ticketholder in return would need to give your name at Registration in order to release your admission passport to them.

What's the schedule like?

TeslaCon runs on the same basic premise as other conventions: panels, parties, special guests, and one or two main events. What makes TeslaCon unique is our immersive factor the moment you walk in. There are sound effects and visual sites all throughout the convention.

Official schedules are released 1-3 weeks before the convention begins.

Does TeslaCon focus on any specific type of Steamfandom?

TeslaCon itself is 100% a Steampunk event. Everything from costuming to the Tea Room to special gaming to parties and discussion panels – all are based on the Steampunk culture. We do, however, accept all levels and types of fandoms including Steampunk, Clockpunk, Dieselpunk, Raygun Gothic, Lolita, Chrononaut, and more.