2019 TeslaCon 10 Fashion Show

TeslaCon is looking for 10-12 designers total for our fashion show for 2019.
Submissions are due by June 30, 2019.


Each designer/artist can work with as many sub designers as they wish, (Milliners, Jewelers, Cobblers etc.) but all must get credit during the show. Each designer would be responsible for up to 5 garments each -- 6 garments maximum. If you have more than 6 garments you wish to show, please let the staff know with an
explanation. This has to do more with time/length of the show than anything.


The designs must be Steampunk/neo-Victorian/ SteamGoth influenced and may pertain to the 10 year anniversary theme. Possible additional theme ideas we can give is relation to TeslaCon 10’s theme “Murder on the Orient Express” (TeslaCon storyline):
1. The main train stops are Peking, Budapest, Salzburg, and Paris.
2. Train traveling clothes.
3. Winter season.
4. Art Nouveau.


Full information can be found in the PDF linked below which includes compensation, event details, and information needed for your submission.

The Capelette & Muff Design Contest

Open to all attendees of the convention. To enter, simply show up during the contest, and come forward when instructed.


Contest Date: To Be Announced


Nerf Gun Competition

  1. Any foam dart propelled gun can be used. Nerf, Dimple Toys, Evike, Zuru or any other model. It cannot be a real firearm,-even if non firing.

  2. Tubing (plastic or rubber) plating of metal or plastic,  may be added. The idea is to “reimagine” the gun into a fully believable Steampunk weapon.

  3. Paint colors like copper, brass, pewter, silver and iron are encouraged. Also look at playing with the layering of color and how it effects the look of the final weapon.

  4. Leather, rubber and other types of substrates can be used to create the illusion of realism and add  character to the prop.

  5. The guns must be presented SUNDAY  MORNING  at the Promethean Society’s Annual Fair of Mad Science.  Each weapon present must have the entry form filled out at the convention registration area.

Total of (5) FIVE weapons per patron is allowed. Winners will be awarded Sunday Morning during the Fair.

The Extraordinary LEGO Built Steampunk Contraption Competition

  1. All participants must build their vehicles/sculptures out of LEGO’S or LEGO like bricks.  Different sets and or pieces may be combined to create the final design. No pre-made designs are allowed, though you may scavenge parts from them.

  2. You may add up to 10% to the sculpture that is fabric, wood, plastic and or added compound to make a certain prop on the it. ie- a sail, or banner.

  3. There is no restriction on what can be made, though we ask that it be a PG-13 model and nothing that is too controversial in nature.

  4. The sculptures must be presented SUNDAY  MORNING  at the Promethean Society’s Annual Fair of Mad Science.  Each sculpture present must have the entry form filled out at the convention registration area.

  5. Total of (2) TWO sculptures per patron is allowed. Winners will be awarded Sunday Morning during the Fair.

  6. We recommend that you also build a platform or holding mechanism for it so it does not fall or break.


"The Great World Suitcase Challenge" is a Steampunk makers challenge featuring, you guessed it, a suitcase! The idea was created by the ever brilliant Steampunk makers Aela Badiana and Andy Frasier and facilitated in the US and Europe by members of Hatton Cross Steampunk. Our judges are Dave Lee, Aela Badiana, Andy Fraser and Michael Parodi of HCS.


Here's the challenge:

Take a suitcase or build your own, modify it any way you want and enter at one of these fine Steampunk events world wide! The only rules are as follows:


1. It must be a suitcase or steamer trunk. (you can build or use an existing one)

2. It must weigh less than 23 kilos or 50 pounds (so it meets airline weight limits)

3. That's it


*Please note* some of our European events have added some fun rules in addition to the ones listed above. If you register for ones in Europe, we’ll make sure you get those in your welcome packet.


Makers who accept this challenge can create suitcases that open up to reveal a jet pack, bar, picnic case, Gatling guns, etc. Be creative and have fun!


Winners of each event will win a unique, handcrafted medal from Hatton Cross Steampunk and Chris Arendt. They will also win an accomidations package from the Dutch European Steampunk Convention (D.E.S.C.) in the Netherlands. This includes your own tent, cot, sleeping bag and even food once a day, compliments of the International Steampunk Objective.


The champions of each event will be judged against each other based on points accumulated from their individual victories. From that group, a "World Champion" will be selected and announced at Teslacon in November. You do not have to be present to win but it will be a whole lot more fun if you are there. 


This competition is creative and a designers dream. It’s basic and fun. Create a luggage sticker that would go on luggage from the year 1891. The subject matter si open, but should relate to the stops, the countries or sights that people would visit while there.


You can make the sticker full color, but remember that printing full color back then was different, and colors were very garish and bright.


The final size of the sticker can be NO LARGER than 4x4 inches total. The way it should be presented is in the following visual for reference.


You may enter up to 5 different designs! Judging will take place Sunday morning at the Promethean Society’s Annual Fair of Mad Science. Lord bobbins himself will judge the entries- You must sign up for the competition at registration.


IF YOU CAN provide an electronic version (jpg or PDF) we will do our best to have them printed before hand to make a commemorative book for people. More info on that will come closer to the convention